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Arkanoid Cocktail Gaming Table

Before computer games there were arcade games. You pushed a button to operate paddles or pulled lever to bounce a ball around the board. Graphic video style arcade games included spaceships, paddle tennis, little creatures that gobbled up balls, squares, and other odd shapes. You put a nickel or a quarter in the slot and played till you were destroyed.

The Arkanoid Cocktail Gaming Table manufactured by the Taito Corporation is a paddle operated arcade game featuring spaceships and asteroids. The object of the game is to destroy the asteroids beforfe they destroy your ship. The Arkanoid game was created as a cabinet style, the player stood in front of the game and operated it by buttons. The coctail table has a glass top, players sit on either side and operate it with buttons. The game is illuminated under the glass. The coin slot is located in the front of the machine.

The Arkanoid game sells on eBay from $650 to $750, with the cabinet stye considerably more. (table measurements to be added later) The cabinet is black metal with a full glass top. The machine operates perfectly and is in like new condition. You can see it up close and personal at the cafe.

This image is from Wikipedia’s article on the Arkanoid game.

Arkanoid Cocktail Gaming Table