Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile

Autumn is here with Fire Season

First news of the day,

Grand Opening of the Jamul Hollywood Casino happened on Monday, Columbus Day. Grateful for the work at home day, was told traffic was more than any imaginable nightmare. Three hours sitting in traffic? Could not have imagined. Though close, considering some of the fire problems we have had in the back country and major traffic accidents. Stuck in traffic in the country is not too bad. Got to meet a few neighbors.

The electronic signs sitting at strategic points along the road claimed a full parking lot at the Casino. Poor planning and road construction continues, not finished as yet. Not sure if widening the road will help. Seems they need to plan a better strategy. Coming home last night was easy, no stops or hold ups by 6:30 to 7 p.m.

As for the Café, we are in search of a new waitress. Weekend shifts mostly, on occasion may need to work a day during the week. Great part time for a student or someone looking to add a little bit of change to the pocket. Breakfast buffet is served Saturdays and Sundays, groups generally book for these days as well. Tips can be plentiful. We don’t mind training for the Café, but experience is extremely helpful. Will have to learn the POS, but that is easy.

Working on an inventory of LP’s, 33 & 78. A few are nearly a quarter inch thick, pre 1930’s 78 vinyl’s. LP’s are Nat King Cole, love songs, college tunes and many more. Stay tuned for the list, coming soon.

Mean time you can come out to the Café to browse all there is to see. Crates full of LP’s, 45’s, collectible plates. With Christmas just a few months away, there are many items that will make great gifts. You can also get a look at some of the items through the gallery.

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