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Barrett Junction History

In search of reviews, news, articles, information, and tid bits of Barrett Junction for the Cafe I find articles about the area and the Cafe.

A bit more of the history for the Barrett Junction Cafe includes an article written in 1987 by Stacy Finz a Times Staff Writer, titled: Barrett Junction: 34 Miles and Decades Away From Downtown.  

Here is an excerpt:

BARRETT JUNCTION — “Barrett Junction, Home of the Famous Fish Fry” is what the sign says. But if you blink while driving on the stretch of California 94 not far from the Tecate border crossing, you’ll miss it.

The entire “downtown” is a lone gas station and a Quonset hut cafe. Like a place out of a John Steinbeck novel, the setting is quaint but desolate.

Located 34 miles by road southwest of San Diego, Barrett Junction, population 100, is surrounded by high chaparral and consists mainly of small family ranches, a thoroughbred racehorse ranch, an 80-acre pig farm, a feed store and a trailer park.

Gene Chism opened Barrett Feed in 1977. His wife, Jean, bought the land it sits on in 1966. The little store sells hay and grain for livestock. However, Chism said, most of his customers are from neighboring communities. The elderly man is about the only person in the junction who actually commutes there, making a 44-mile round-trip six days a week to run his business.

To read more, visit the LA Times site

This article is a bit of a mix of the Cafe and the owners then and a bit of history for the area.

Legends and Lore: In the Shadow of Tecate Peak

A view of the Barrett Junction Valley coming from the West.

As you drive Highway 94, also known as Campo Road you have a full view of country life.  Cattle ranches, thorough bred horses, grape vineyards and winery.  Further up the other side of the valley you will find a couple of museums, and even more history.

We have a couple of books sitting at the Cafe for purchase, written about the families and the history of the back country.  Few of those families are still in the back country.

History of Highway 94

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