Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile

Barrett Lake & Barrett Junction

The back roads of San Diego County will take you to small and interesting places.  Many have been forgotten over the years.  Highway 94 runs along the Southern back country of San Diego County, along the Mexico border.  On the map it shows as Campo Road and Highway 94.

Barrett Junction has reduced in size, there is not much left of the area, once a thriving farming community.  Homesteads were started in the 1800’s and a few remain, including the Barrett School.  Though it is no longer a school, the family that live there may not take kindly to visitors, but you can drive by and see that the building is exactly the same as it was when it was first built.  (School House, 21096 Barrett School Rd, Dulzura, CA 91917  You can use Google Maps and click the Earth view for a look if driving out there is too far to travel.)

Barrett Lake is another great spot to camp, fish, and hang out.  However, you won’t be able to get to it from Highway 94 and Barrett Lake Rd, the county has blocked off Barrett Lake Road coming from the direction of Highway 94.  You will need to take Lyons Valley Rd, following it into Skyline Truck Trail, and traveling the long way around.  The ride is windy and long, so have plenty of gas.  If you do try to take the short way, be ware, there is a no trespassing sign posted.

Barrett Lake Road is home to a few grape vineyards and ranches.  Along Highway 94 in Barrett Junction are a few horse ranches as well.  Property is for sale, one has a sign out front that says  🙂  The property is rocky, the dirt is more like gravel in some areas, so it is great for plants that like arid soil with good drainage.

The luge races are held yearly on Barrett School Road.  The winding road is tricky, with lots of cracks which I hear luge racers love as a challenge.  Skateboarders also enjoy the challenge of the road, starting at the far end from Potrero Creek Bridge, and heading West.  Try this link to the Google Map, if it does not work, then use the map and search for Barrett School Road. 🙂

There are plenty of back roads used by the border patrol that make great bike riding, hiking, and sight seeing.  Care should be used South of Campo Road/Highway 94, since the border is approximately 5 miles from there.

Don’t forget when you are ready for lunch or dinner to stop by Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile.  The food is cooked when you order, hot and as good as homemade.  If you come in Monday to Thursday, say hello to Leon, he will be your waiter.  The weekends get pretty busy.


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