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Fire Season is here: Border Fire Updates

It was pretty scary watching the blaze heading our direction on Sunday about noon.  Then the wind shifted and sent it in the opposite direction.  Knowing first hand how frightful it was my heart goes out to those who have lived through it, leaving their animals and belongings at home.

Have kept abreast of the updates with  Brush Fire Partyline / San Diego East County.  The latest info: 

POTRERO ‪#‎BorderFire‬ – Wednesday, June 22nd
—->>> 6,500 Acres – 15% 7:00am 6/22 <<<—
Campo 73.0* – Winds 4 mph — Wind from WSW, Gusts 9.0 mph at 7:00am
Structures Destroyed: 2 residences, 11 outbuildings
Structures Damaged: 1
Structures Threatened: 1,000

They are not letting anyone in or out of the area.  However, arrangements have been made to assist those with caring for the animals left behind, water and food are requested.  The following post has more information.

If you have further news, please keep us posted.

Short note today.  Will update further as time passes.  Still no word when Highway 94 will open.

Sending blessings for safe returns.

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