Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile

Consider How Time has Changed

Life on the West Coast and around the world,  has changed over the years. I am referring to the 1800s and early 1900s. Even the last decade has seen technological advances. We can communicate effectively with someone on the other side of the world. Video, sound, and communication are all possible.

Brouham, horse drawn carriage

Transportation has transformed from horse drawn buggies to sports cars and motorcycles. Making the trip from the country into town can be more dangerous now than then. Fast cars, faster motorcycles taking the corners on Highway 94 is not safe, these corners have seen their fare share of accidents. Lives lost and serious injuries are a part of the history on the back roads.

Cabrones motorcycle and car club

I take you back to the early years of the West Coast, California and the early settlers. The conveniences we take for granted today were not available. Microwave ovens, electric stoves, for many running water. The back-country life was very different then than now.

Cowboys, cattle rustling, driving herds across the country. Much of the country were used to raise cattle and horses. Wood stoves were used to cook and heat homes. Wells were the primary source of water. Food was prepared much differently than today and took more time to find its way to the dinner table.

Highway 94 was a dirt road, it did not have the same path it has today. Over the years that path has shifted and there are not as many curves as there once was. Travel was by horse and cart.

Barrett Lake Dam, Dulzura CA

Settlers came to the California coast via ships, stage coaches, and eventually trains. Wars were fought. History has a dark past and a colorful one. For many there are happy memories, for others it is tainted by death.

How you learn of the history of California is a personal choice. You can read the various books written or you can sit with a local and learn about the personal history. We each have a story to tell.

When you travel Highway 94 (Campo Rd, SR-94) you will see remnants of the past still standing, surviving the weather, at least for now. The Bamboo Inn, Barrett Junction Café’s Mercantile building, into Campo is the Gaskill Brother’s store where another battle was fought, the railroad museum, and heading further East The Mill where felspar was turned into porcelain and now shares the history of vehicles of all types.

Feldspar was used to create porcelain

Today the Barrett Junction Café is home to many family histories, generations have come to share a meal, celebrate, and create memories. Our own history has changed through the years. When you walk through you will see many of those changes.

What once was a simple Mercantile in the late 1800s is now a café and bar. The small white building is now an office, at one time it held many items for sale to the local settlers. It is told that at one time stage coaches stopped for a respite. Part of history or a story?

Listening to someone share their part of history, you hear the life in the story.  There is more to retelling history than words on a paper, it is the person who imbues the story with her or his personality, experience, and emotions.

We love stories, listening to history. Come on out and share yours with us. Make new stories and share a great meal.

See you soon.

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