Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile

Collectibles Available

Coca Cola Ad
Vintage Coca Cola Ad

When you walk through the Cafe, into the bathrooms, around the dining hall and in the Saloon, you are sure to notice the wide range of collectibles, memorabilia, and vintage ads.

There are several items that are flea market and garage sale finds set out for your purchase. Others are vintage and collectible.

For the beer aficionado, we have a wide variety of signage that light up, mirrored and framed. The signs that plug in are neon and bulbs.

Olympia beer mirrored
Olympia Beer

Our walls are covered in a range of choices, from the smallest shot glass to the largest moose head. The large dining hall has an entire wall dedicated to beer signage and historical photos, a few prized cowboy pics and even a python snake skin.

Guy Lombardo vinyl in cover, his newest hits.
Guy Lombardo Album

On the shelves sitting in the main dining room over in the corner are stacks of 45s and 33s. Some of the covers to the 33s are a bit worn, but the albums remain in great shape. The selection covers a range of music, some rock and roll to the orchestral favorites.

Frank Sinatra album
Frank Sinatra

Along that same wall is a collection of glass ware, bottles, and bird house to mention but a few of the items. Many are collector items, many are just collectibles.

The typewriter you will find sitting on one of those shelves is an oldie, the company is out of business and the plague to the US manufacturing site is still on the building.

Oliver typewriter, company began in London, opened a short lived branch in America.
Oliver typewriter, company began in London, opened a branch in America.

If you find something of interest or would like to take a walk through to find something of interest, let me know. As I reorganize and clean, more pics will become available.

Be Safe, our doors remain closed for now. The requirements for opening are not feasible for us. We understand no one is driving out here to wait to be seated in their car. If we can find a way to open, we will let you know. So stay tuned. Locate us on FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.