Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile

Dulzura, CA

Barrett Junction began as its own stand alone community.  Consisting of the small mercantile that is now part of the Cafe and the school, now someone’s home. 

Searching for history about the history along Highway 94, Barrett Junction and Dulzura, CA.  I found the translation for Dulzura= Sweetness.  I am sure the residents may not agree, especially during the dry, hot days.  

Another point of interest is the places to visit that you will find on TripAdvisor.  Here is a the link to read more about places to visit, besides the Cafe of course. 

Barrett Junction Mercantile on Highway 94
The Mercantile Store

Barrett Junction Mercantile

This small store has been sitting here since the mid to late 1800’s.  A time when the stage coaches use to stop here.  The store is very small and is used as storage and an office now.  They use to hold rodeos and dances, Friday night Fish Fry, and have been the staging place for the crews who worked on the Barrett Junction Dam, the fire fighters, and other large gatherings.

The days of rodeos are gone, alas.  The walls of the large dining hall hold the pictures of the past, cowboys and the first truck club for Barrett Junction.  Visit our History page to read more. 

A portion of the Barrett Car & Truck club’s first members.  There are a few more pics

The Cowboys of Barrett Junction also line this wall.  There are a few of the residents left from these days.  Most settlers came here in the early 1800’s and some prior.  Cowboys and cattle were the lifestyle.  Barrett Junction was and still is a small community. 

A local ranch during branding time

As you walk through the cafe, lining the walls at each door entry you will see more framed pictures of the families that lived in Dulzura and Barrett Junction.  There is a three ring binder at the Cafe that holds many more pictures.  Regretfully we have noticed someone has been walking off with some of them.  We are working on finding replacements, but…..  We are a small community and the Cafe is a destination for dining and memories

The San Diego Back Country Community

Barrett Junction Community along Highway 94

San Diego County has a large back country, along Highway 94 also called Campo Road and Old Highway 8.  If you begin your journey at Rancho San Diego and travel Campo Road, you will pass through Jamul, Dulzura, Barrett Junction, a few other communities and enter Jucumba before you come back around to Interstate 8.  There are a few exits that will take you back along the Old Highway 8.  This path takes you through a rich country of cattle and small rural communities like Pine Valley, Guatay and Alpine, a few other communities along that path.  

All you can eat fish dinner
Barrett Junction Cafe’s Famous Fish Dinner

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