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Easter & April Fools Day

Anyone have any idea the last time Easter and April Fool’s Day occurred on the same day?

I have not had any success in discovering the answer.

However, I have dug up a few articles to share with you regarding Easter and April Fool’s day this year.

April Fool’s Day

April Fool's Day

Beware of pranksters.  April Fool’s started it would seem as pulling cruel jokes on others.  That trend shifted over the centuries to be mostly harmless practical jokes.

Here are a couple of informational pages to consider about April Fool’s Day origin:

A video on USA Today.

Some fact checking on Snopes.


Happy Easter Sunday!

Now for Easter information, also the time of Passover which begins at sundown March 30, this Friday.

This is further information about the origins of Easter at Religious Tolerance.

Farmer’s Almanac offers an explanation as to how the last Sunday is the time set for Easter.

The mix of symbolism is explained here at Aljazeera News site.

The Cafe

We are open on Easter.  No April Fooling.

However, we do ask that you call ahead if you are bringing a group of 12 or more so we can be sure to be prepared.

We wish all a safe and healthy holiday weekend.

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