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Explore Highway 94

How long has it been since you went for a drive?  Enjoyed the country air.  When you travel along Highway 94, you get above the smog of the city.  at a little of 1000 feet above sea level the smog begins to clear away.  You can smell the plants, trees, and if you are too close to the car before you, their exhaust.

Use Caution on Highway 94

In Southern California it is warm, dry, and confusing.  What to wear?  Sweaters in the evening, shorts during the day.  Clouds creep in, hanging out for a bit, and moving on.  We could use more rain.  If you drive the back roads, Highway 94 and Old Highway 8, the scenic routes of San Diego County’s back country, remember it is extremely dry.  Use your ash tray, do not throw your cigarettes out the window.  All it takes is a spark to set off a wild fire.

The shooting range located just past the Border Patrol check point is closed again.  It has been for a couple of months.  The reason is due to the high risk of fire.  This past year it has been open all of a couple of months. when we were getting a steady rain.

Stop for a visit

There are still places to visit, enjoy a meal, tour the history that is a part of our back country in San Diego.    In Tecate is the CAREM, a museum dedicated to sharing the cultural heritage of Baja California.  Further up the road into Campo is The Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum, The Gaskill Store/Museum.

Just the other side of Campo is the Motor Transport Museum, it use to be the processing plant for felspar, used to make porcelain.  If you take a look around it is still available for the picking.   Wisteria Candy cottage, where they have been hand dipping chocolate since 1921 and have made a resurgence in the past few years, located between Boulevard and Jucumba, where Highway 94 turns into Old Highway 8.

When you get into Jucumba, stop at the Hot Springs Spa for a meal and enjoy the springs.  They are a natural occurrence.  Learn a bit about Jucumba, it’s rich history of movie stars and starlets.   Stay the night of just the afternoon before you head out to the next spot to enjoy.

If you stay the course, at the border of Imperial County, just off Highway 8 is the Desert View Tower made from the stones surrounding it.  A museum, gift shop and caves to explore.  On the way back, traveling Highway 8 is the Golden Acorn Casino, then the Viejas Casino and shopping center.

Take a Day

Take a day, cruise the circle, start on Highway 94, breakfast at Barrett Junction Cafe, snack on chocolates at Wisteria after lunch.  And enjoy all the stops in between.  End your day on a nice relaxing drive back by way of Highway 8.  Maybe take Old Highway 8 through Pine Valley, Guatay and into Alpine.  There is more to see along the route.  Don’t forget to bring your camera.

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