Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile

Fall is in the Air. Holiday Season is here.

Welcome to Fall, Autumn.  A cooling off time, a resting time.  Plants, animals and humans shift to adjust to the time change as well as the weather change.

The Cafe will be changing it’s hours for the weekend, closing an hour earlier.  Adjusting for the end of Daylight Savings.

We are still reserving space for large groups, family reunions, birthdays, and holiday gatherings.  Host your toy drive, club event, or fund raisers with us.  The dining room has space with the overflow to the patio.  Please call at least a week in advance to reserve.  We want to be ready for you.

Dining Hall at Barrett Junction Cafe

The Cafe is full of memorabilia available for sale, you may be able to do much of your Christmas shopping here.  Western items, vintage and collectibles vary from Budweiser items to nostalgic lanterns and mounted heads.

Further there are so many stories I have heard while serving our wonderful customers.  Many whose families came here as children, have returned in honor of parents’ memories.  We welcome your shared history.

Highway 94 also known as Campo Rd has seen many changes in its lifetime.  The road use to be very narrow and windy.  I remember many trips along that road as a child to visit my grandparents in Jucumba.  The Cafe is about mid point.

You could spend an entire weekend visiting the various points of interest in the back country along Highway 94 and coming home along Old Highway 8.

Keep a watch for an opportunity to share your story.  Use the Contact Page to send us a note and I will get back to you with request for further details and any pics you want to send.    I look forward to sharing your story and hearing from you.