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Father’s Day & the Summer Equinox

Well, we have moved into summer. The Summer Equinox happened yesterday with it being the longest day of the year. A great gift for Father’s Day, don’t you think?

How did you celebrate the entry of Summer?

The Cafe was busy through out the day, great breakfast crowd and a few riders and drivers came through. The BBQ ribs were fresh and hot. The Fish Fry, as always, was delicious.

The bar is open serving draft, canned and bottled beer, mixed drinks, and conversation. Leon enjoys sharing the history of Barrett Junction Cafe and the community it is located in.

The drive out Highway 94 is beautiful all year round. Though I must warn we are heading into the Fire Season, so if you smoke keep your butts in your ash tray. PLEASE. It only takes on small spark to start a wild fire. And the county has seen its fair share of fire storms over the years. Take care when traveling the back country, whether it is Highway 94 or Interstate 8. These two do meet at Jucumba. The drive out to the other side of Jucumba is about two hours, depending on whether you make any stops.

The air is clear, getting a bit warm, dry air. The shade is wonderful. There is plenty to see. The Dulzura Cafe is now a mini-mart and they are clearing a space for a coffee bar. The post office is right there with a bulletin board filled with flyers, notes, and information.

The Barrett Junction Cafe’s bulletin board offers information, business cards, services, and events. Post yours, or schedule a time at the cafe, let us host your next event.

The next stop is Potrero, the cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The little market is also open. In need of propane, drive round the back and fill it up. Potrero park is not far from there, the signs show you where to go.

Stop at Barrett Junction Cafe for breakfast, Potrero Cafe for Lunch, in Campo at the Subway, perhaps for dinner. They did put in that nice station, stores, and more.

Before you get into Campo’s heart, the Railroad Museum is a must stop. Enjoy the Gaskill Store Museum, it is still open to visitors.

There is plenty to do out Highway 94. You may get your kicks on Highway 66, but there is more to explore on Highway 94. Bring your camera.

Don’t forget we have FREE WIFI at Barret Junction Cafe. Plenty of T-Shirts with a variety of logos and the Barrett Junction Cafe Logo. Jewelry, videos, vintage, antique, collectibles, all available.

Map of Highway 94 Back Country

Explore Highway 94

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