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Fire Season is Here.

Fire Season Begins

The San Diego Back Country spans Interstate 8 & Highway 94 heading out to Arizona.  Beautiful country, small neighborhoods, and plenty of fire tinder.

With the abundant rains this last season the grass is plentiful, the shrubs and trees are growing abundantly.  It is a great sight.

However, the fire department is asking all to create a defensible space surrounding their homes.  Meaning you remove all fire tinder.

Spring and Summer is fire season.  Sadly.  Rules are simple, use caution when in the back country.


Gate Fire Burn on Highway 94

This is the result of the Gate Fire along Highway 94, over 2000 acres burned out, gratefully no homes lost.  Carelessness caused this fire.

Living in the Back Country

For those who have their homes in Alpine, Guatay, Dulzura, Pine Valley, into Jacumba, and other areas along I-8 & SR-94, learning to live with fire threats is a part of life.

Creating a defensible space around homes, planting the trees, shrubs, etc that can help to minimize fire hazards are a part of daily life.

Visitors are of course welcome, the message is to use caution when visiting.

A few Rules to live by no matter where you go:

  • Don’t throw your cigarette butts out the window, use your ashtray.
  • Don’t drive over dry brush brush or grass.  Your muffler, engine, when hot can set up a spark and start a fire
  • The BLM land used as a shooting range: clear a defensible space, you know your ammo sparks, so take care. Bring a shovel, extra water if possible, be prepared.
  • Take out what you bring with you.  Do not leave behind your trash, no one is going to clean up after you.
  • Err on the side of caution.
  • If not sure ask, or better yet, don’t do it.
  • Remember: People live out here, as do wildlife.  Treat it as if it were home.  Or better.

Fire Free View from Mt Kachuuma

The Barrett Junction Valley as seen from Mt Kachuuma, ranches and farms sit within this valley, and just over to the left, is the Barrett Junction Cafe.

Visitors Welcome

The San Diego County has a rich history, settlers from the other side of the country came here to make their fortune and build new lives.  It has always been an place of opportunity.

The Cafe receives visitors from around the world, a diverse clientèle.  They come to share their time with the Valley, enjoy a good meal and view the scenes and historic landmarks that align Highway 94.

There are places to hike, camp, tour history, and eat along the highway.  Everyone is welcome, none are turned away.

You are invited to share your history with us.  Many come here to share the stories of childhood and coming to the cafe as a family to celebrate or just be with family.  We are always glad to hear your memories and to share ours.

Please take a moment and leave a comment, share your memories.

If they are of negative value, please be kind.  If you have complaints, always call the cafe and speak to Leon during business hours.  He will do what he can to take care of the problem.

We look forward to serving you.

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