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Fire Season is Upon Us

The fire season began early this year across the country due to drought conditions, but more so, perhaps, in California.  For those of us who live in Southern California the two most recent fires have been Palomar and Lake Morena.  You can find updates on these fires and more at East County Magazine.  And I suggest you subscribe to the emergency updates, these are sent via email, text, and phone call.  A valuable resource provided by East County Magazine Emergency Alerts.

We are in our fourth worst year of drought.  The lakes are drying up, the picture provided by Earth Justice shows house boats at the bottom of the lake with very little water left. There are arguments about who has water rights, petitions to stop Nestle’s from bottling our most precious resource.  And around the state there are those in some places who still water indiscriminately, do not conserve water, nor do they seem to believe it is a problem.  The changes we need to make are drastic.  Where you can recycle, reuse, cut back on your water usage.   And if you do not believe, do it anyway, please.

Now for the happier news.  With the weather near perfect, especially in the shade, it is time to consider camping, hiking, and travel of the back country.  Just remember to be careful of your fire gear, we do not need another fire storm out here.  The back country out Highway 94 offers several places to park and hike.  Honey Springs drive is one popular place.  The shooting ranges and pheasant hunting is on hold for now due to fire season.  So it should be safe enough to take a nice hike in these areas.  Just remember to respect Mother Nature and her family.  Rattle snakes will be out early and later in the day to sun and hunt, so be careful and aware.

On your drive out Highway 94, don’t forget we open at 11 a.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. weekends.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner.  If you are part of a large party, especially 13 or more, please let us know ahead of time so we can be sure to have plenty of hands on deck and food.  The ribs are barbecued fresh on site, the coleslaw and salads are made fresh, our sauces are homemade as is our hush puppies.  All recipes have been around since the 40’s.

There is another concern, motorcyclists, please be smart.  Highway 94 has claimed two motorcyclists in the last three weeks.  We had life flight in the field next to us to fly the riders to the nearest hospital.  Both riders over estimated the road and under estimated their skill.  Please be safe.

As an added resource here is a site called the Drought Monitor, the map will show you where the drought has hit with minimal to severe.

Looking forward to seeing  you at the cafe, perhaps for our all you can eat breakfast buffet.  Get a discount when you bring 13 or more people to feast.  Don’t forget to request it when you schedule your table.  But be sure there is 13 or more in attendance, not just scheduled.  🙂  Sorry, but it makes a difference.

Call ahead: 619-468-3416.  Please no business solicitation.  Reservations and questions about the items for sale only.  Thank you for understanding.


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