Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile

Fire Season is Here

The back country along Highway 94 has been and still is a farm country, with a few horse and cattle ranches.  Vineyards are becoming popular.

The country is beautiful no matter what time of year.  During the dry months, you will find rich hues of varying shades of brown.  In some areas where the stream runs through the trees change colors with the seasons.  Fire season begins late October and runs through to January.  The climate has become dryer and this year the fire season began early.

The back country has seen its fair share of fire storms.  But life continues, with richer growth in some areas.  It does not take Mother Nature long to renew herself.  Usually within a season you stop seeing burned ground and brush, in some areas it takes at least two seasons.  Mother Nature repairs and cleans away the wreckage.

When you take your journey out the back roads, exploring the Wilderness areas, camping sites, lakes, and the parks, remember to take with you what you bring in.  Leave the area cleaner than when you arrived.  Practice safe fire strategies.  Where fire is restricted, do not dispose of hot ash, cigarettes, pipes, or cigars anywhere but your ash tray.  Don’t throw them out your window as you drive by.  You may think it is not a hazard but in these dry conditions it does not take much.  One small spark and it goes up in a puff.


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