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Preparing for Fire Season in the Back Country

For those who have lived in the San Diego Back Country fire season is not a stranger.  Rather very frightening.  Two of the worse fire storms swept San Diego County in 2003 and 2007.  Evacuations and losses were beyond monetary.

Many lessons have been learned through the years of fighting fires, but none as life threatening as those to fire seasons.  Today the smell of smoke sends residents in search of the plume that signals a fire, research into the direction and the capacity of the fire follows.

Preparation is one of the ways in which we can protect ourselves.  Ensuring a defensible space, plenty of moisture, and protecting lives as well as valuables are all a part of the greater plan.  Staying informed is another way to stay on top of the latest threats.  Bigger still is not becoming a part of the problem, preventing fires is priority, whenever possible.

Reading through the fire seasons worse fires, even the lesser ones, causes range from sparks from equipment/machinery to carelessness with camp fires.  Even the unlit cigarette thrown out the window are a severe hazard where dry grass sits waiting.  The chemicals used along the highway for weed abatement are highly flammable increasing the risk that your cigarette will spark a fire.

Please, when visiting the back country, no matter which path you take, Highway 94, Interstate 8 or Old Highway 8, all these back roads offer a beautiful scenic drive, so let’s work together to protect them.  Stay safe when driving those curves, take it easy, and keep your trash in your vehicle, including any lit smoking paraphernalia.

Stay tuned into the emergency alerts, sign up free at East County Magazine’s Fire Alert Page.  You can take a look at the fire watch with Cal Fire’s Map of California.  For further reading and updates on what is happening throughout the country regarding fire watch, prevention, and intervention, National Significant Wildland Fire Potential Outlook report in pdf format will provide a quick read.  And Cal Fire’s Information of incidents is updated regularly so you can stay informed.

The days ahead will fluctuate, with some very hot ones.  Creating a pull on our resources once again.  We are not safely out of the drought, yet.  Though this last rain season brought us lots of water.  I cannot help thinking there should be a way to save all that water somewhere.  That is as far as my creative thinking goes.

The cafe has our swamp coolers on once again, large screen tv to watch sports on, and good food cooked only when you order it, not before.  Please know we strive to serve as quickly as possible, but it seems some expect it a lot faster, our cooks do their best, this is not a chain restaurant, but a small operation.  Meaning we do not employ more than two cooks and waitresses.  We appreciate your visits, you are important to us.   We will always do our best.

Ribs are cooked fresh on Saturday.  The breakfast buffet is laid out at 8 a.m., by noon is has dwindled, but we do replenish.  Scrambled eggs, french toast, sausage, bacon, home fries, salsa, cheese, a fruit bar, and plenty of hot coffee or iced tea.  The bar opens when you say, so cold beer on tap includes Bud Lite and Karl Strauss.  Take a look at our menu to get a general idea of the drinks available.

PLEASE call ahead if you are bringing more than 10 people, order 13 meals and get a discount on your ticket.  We would like at least three days notice so we can prepare for your visit.  We do not like being short handed when you arrive.

Ride/drive safe on your way out Highway 94, and remember during the week Jamul Hollywood Casino is still under construction, the road is being widened out and SDG&E continues to work on it’s capacity project throughout East County.  The usual wait is about 5 minutes, depending on the time of day, late morning and early afternoon are generally less than 5 minutes.

We look forward to serving you.

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