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The Fish Fry Served at the Cafe

The Fish Fry Definition

Barrett Junction Cafe’s fish dinners offer  two types Alaskan Cod and Pollock. But first, did you know when you do a search for fish fry a Wikipedia definition shows up?

Here is a synopsis of what Wikipedia has to share:

“A fish fry is part of a meal where the fish is batter dipped and deep fried to a golden brown. The meal generally consists of fried fish, coleslaw, hush puppies, and tartar sauce. It is a traditional Mid-Western meal, popular in England, called fish n chips, where the chips are french fries.” To read more click here.

Barrett Junction Cafe Style

Barrett Junction Cafe serves fish n chips, either Alaskan Pollock or cod. You can choose onion rings rather than french fries. The fish dinner is batter dipped, deep fried and served with hush puppies, rice pilaf, coleslaw. You can order the All You Can Eat Fish Fry with either Alaskan Pollock or Alaskan Cod. If you order the special all you can eat, you will be served Alaskan Pollock.  Senior prices are provided.

Barrett Junction Cafe became known for their fish fry about the 1940’s when the owners hosted rodeos across the street.  It is said that the fish was fresh from the Barrett Lake and served free. During the 1920’s to the 40’s the fish fry was served on Fridays.  Rodeos were held across the street.  Sadly there are no more rodeos or free Friday night fish fries.

The Cafe does serve the “fish fry” every day it is open,  Tuesday to Sunday.

Take a drive out Highway 94/Campo Road to enjoy a freshly cooked All You Can Eat Fish Dinner, or fish n chips.

2 thoughts on “The Fish Fry Served at the Cafe

  1. Tami Cubillas

    The history of the fish fry actually goes like this;
    The original fish was caught in the oceans of San Diego or Ensenada, by the owner, Bill Avril, his wife Vi, neighbors and friends, sometime in the early 50s. They had so much fish left over, that on Thursday nights, they started cooking the extra fish outside of the cafe and serving it to friends. After that, even more friends decided to go fishing with Bill. That, is when they all decided to start serving the fish on Friday nights in the cafe for free, (because they had so much fish) until they ran out. That was when the Internal Revenue came out and told them, they couldn’t give the fish away without charging sales tax. Bill and Vi, began charging for the regulated and purchased fish (as they no longer were allowed to sell the fresh fish). At that point, the Health Department got involved and came and told them that they had to have the fish state inspected. That is when Bill and Vi started charging seventy five cents for the fish that they were now required to purchase. And, That is how the fish fry began! This information was told to me by my mother, Catherine Avril Stephens, (“Cathy”) daughter of Bill and Vi.