Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile

Frogs Legs & Catfish?

I am wondering if anyone has a copy of one of the older menus for the cafe.  One that shows the items for frog legs and catfish?

We have received several calls and some guest comments about why catfish and frogs legs are no longer served.  Leon, the current owner, since 2000 and a long time customer, has never know the cafe to serve either.

Please scan a copy and send, we would love to see one of the older menus.

To date, the recipes for hush puppies, fish fry, and a few others have been handed down from one owner to the next.  A generational passing of the baton so to speak.

The menu has shifted over the years,  new additions and a few deletions, not many.  For instance, barbecued pull pork is the recent inclusion to the menu.  Or try the pulled pork tacos.

When you are hear take pics of your meal and share them with us here or Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, contact us to reserve your seat with 12 or more in your party.  Ask how you can get the discount for large groups.

Want to celebrate?  Let us know at least a week in advance to reserve the patio or dining room.  We want to be sure to have enough barbecue ribs and fish on hand.

Quiet days, clear skies.  The ride out here is beautiful.  Traffic is easy.  The roughest commute is the early mornings, the road work continues.  But late mornings through the rest of the day is pretty easy going.

The Jamul Hollywood Casino is nearly finished and San Diego Gas & Electric continues with their upgrades.

No smog at this level, clear air.

We look forward to seeing you soon.  Questions or comments, please share.

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