Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile

Happy Anniversary!

Jan 1, 2000 we became Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile. 1946 Barrett Cafe was established. 1888 was a general store, that building still stands and we use it as an office and some storage.

Barrett Property Lineage

The history shifts based upon who is telling the story. Catfish was served for a few years from Barrett Lake. Then fish was bought from the fish market in San Diego. Sometime between the late 1950’s to the early 1960’s cod became the fish of choice. One of our locals said he use to bring buckets of fresh caught catfish tho in the 1970’s.

There are those who ask if we still serve catfish and pickled frogs legs. Not for over 30 years. Many of our customers share their visits through the early years before they moved away.

The late 1940s into the 1950s saw rodeos across the street, and where the Quonset hut now stands was a dirt field where dances were held. Friday fish fries became the regular venue.

Our walls are covered with pictures from the early years of the back country from Dulzura through the Barrett Valley once known as Cottonwood.

Southern California has a rich history along the border, the battles to draw that border, military base and skirmishes fought. Most of that history can be reviewed and enjoyed at the museum upstairs at the Gaskill Brothers Stone Store.

Most of the families who homesteaded this back country along Highway 94/Campo Road are gone now. Their photos remain, we have a large notebook full of photos, our walls share the history.

San Diego Back Country explore Highway 94
Mapping Highway 94

As we enter our 20th year in business as Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile, we invite you to share your history with us. When you come to visit, ask about our map, where visitors from around the world have put a pin to show where they came from.

We continue the fish fry tradition as everyone calls it. The All You Can Eat Fish Dinner.

All you can eat fish dinner
Our Famous All You Can Eat Fish Dinner

Stay tuned as more history is reviewed and shared here.

We look forward to serving you. Be sure to check out our Menu page, Directions page, as that is where our notices are posted. Or find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Anniversary of Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile
Article Name
Anniversary of Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile
Celebrating 20 years of serving our fish fry to travelers, visitors, and locals. The fish fry began in 1946... We continue the tradition, serving every day we are open. Not just for Fridays.