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The Tour Continues along Highway 94

The fight to stop the casino in Jamul is still on. The construction for the casino continues. This is still one place on Campo Road/Highway 94 that is slowing up traffic. The speed limit is set at 45 and even then you should slow even more. Especially mid-day when you get close to the construction site for the casino. The semis are in and out of this area with dirt loads.

As you move along the road past Jamul, the country opens up, fields lay ahead. The stretch of road after the Jamul Casino site is nicknamed Daley Stretch. At one time the Daley brothers owned both sides of this stretch of road. At certain times of year, you may see cattle and horses grazing.

Daley Stretch on Highway 94

On occasion the local hunting clubs set up for a pheasant hunt. In recent days the county has posted “No Shooting” signs in the more popular areas due to the drought damage. A serious fire hazard is present through out the back country, as in all of California. All it takes is a small ash or spark and the grasses will go up quickly. As many of us know.

As we continue our tour of the back country, along the Highway 94 corridor, we are not far from the Mexico border, in some places as close as five miles, in others even closer. Look to the left and you can see the fence running along the border.

The back country is home to wineries, ranches, and farms. If you missed it, the East County Vintners held their 2nd annual Wine Tasting featuring many of the San Diego East County Vintners along Highway 94, hosted by the Highway 94 Club. Currently there are seven winerries, with four opening soon. Following is a list of the wineries, the asterisk means they are not open as yet to the public.

Vineyard Hacienda*
Dulzura Winery
Potrero Valley Vineyards*
San Diego Mountain Vineyards*
Campo Creek Vineyard
Westfall Winery*
Gloriosa Vineyards

There are a few ranches along the corridor, a couple of them are up for sale if you are looking at making an investment. Clover Flats is one of those ranches for sale. Take a look at the beautify country this ranch resides in.

Want to go horse back riding? Try Bright Valley Farms. When you first begin your journey on Campo Road, one of your first stops should be at Bright Valley Farms. They host Summer Horse Riding Camps, tours of the hills and other events of interest.

Another ranch claims its home on Highway 94, it is a bit different than many others. Set Free Ranch is a Christian recovery ranch available to those with an addiction. They provide a safe place for residents to learn to live sober.

The San Diego National Wildlife Refuge is found on Highway 94, spanning the hills and surrounding areas. It is a beautiful piece of our back country. One of many refuges that are provided to protect the native wildlife. To take a look at some outstanding pictures, visit Russel Ray Photos Blog. Some of the info Russel Ray provides inclludes the date the refuge was established, 1996. This is a beautiful place to hike, take your camera, wildlife and plants are plentiful during the spring and into the fall.

Come back, there is more to share.

On your back road tour, stop into the Cafe and enjoy lunch or dinner. All you can eat Fish Fry, barbecue pulled pork sandwich, fresh barbecue ribs.

Barbecue Rib Dinner

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