Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile

Highway 94 and SDG&E’s Capacity Project

Driving Highway 94 to the back country has not much improved. The commute to work in the morning from the Campo, Potrero, Tecate, Barrett Junction, and Dulzura is still a slow go when you get to Jamul. The Hollywood Casino has brought on more upgrades by SDG&E to provide improved service. Coming home is a bit faster through Jamul, but take care of the steel plates.

The SDG&E Capacity Project has torn the road up once again, steel plates line the road for a mile or more. Trucks and equipment are in and out of the area bringing in more equipment and supplies. One side of the road is blocked, meaning that traffic must sit still to allow the one side to pass. This means your wait coming into town or going into the back country during the day can be as long as 20 minutes. Though they have done a good job of keeping that time limit reduced.

Speed limits are set at 45 through the construction area, but you won’t get that speed. Keeping it at 10 to 20 is much wiser and safer, especially when you are so close to the care in front of you. The brakes are a constant as you move through the construction areas.

This is the worse part of the road. Once through, traffic returns to normal. Except at the Border Patrol check point, with some mornings the delay is up to 10 to 15 minutes coming into town, due to a great alert. Watch the dog as it sniffs tires, trunks, etc to ensure no one is hiding and no drugs are being brought through.

Living in the back country at 1500 feet or greater above sea level has it’s advantages. The air is clear, no fleas, but you do deal with mosquitoes and other insects. The coyotes like to serenade at 3 a.m. or so. This in turns causes many dogs to answer that call. The drive from town is a detox period, bringing a sense of finality to my day. Not sure anyone else feels that way, but for me, I get the chance to leave my work day behind and enjoy the smells of plant and animal life, rather the smog and exhaust.

Barrett Junction Valley
The cafe is now open seven days a week, weekdays we open at 11 a.m and weekends at 8 a.m. A full menu of deliciously fresh prepared food is waiting for you.

We serve Monster drinks, Lipton Ice or hot Tea, coffee (regular and decaf) and if you are lucky there is a slice of apple pie and vanilla ice cream waiting.

Pork Roasts on Smoker

Leon barbecues on Saturdays. Fresh pork ribs, pulled pork and chicken. Come on out and enjoy a bit of home-style cooking. We look forward to serving you. Oh, a reminder this is not a fast food restaurant, it takes time to prepare you rmeal, especially when there is a full house. So plan on staying awhile, take a tour, and visit with friends and family.

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