Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile

Highway 94 & Other News

Highway 94 continues with repaving.  Today they are at the intersection in Jamul, in front of what use to be Simpson’s Nursery and the Barrett House.  Repaving continues in the section, so expect at least 20 minutes delay.  Hopefully, for those of you commuting from work, they will be closed for the day.

Fire season is going strong.  So far with luck and many blessings,  the back country has escaped the fires.  Off roading and camp fires are discouraged.  The drought is that bad, every piece of vegetation no matter how green it looks is dry tinder.  Be careful, DO NOT flick your cigarettes out the window.  Either don’t smoke til you get home, or use the ash tray in your car, please.

The cafe is perfectly cool inside today.  Great Lunch of fish & chips.  Quiet and uneventful.  The summer hours are now in effect, open til 7 tonight.  The patio offers lots of shady spaces, so no worry about it being too hot to hang out there.  Though and ice cold glass of ice tea or water is perfect.   Unless you enjoy a  class of ice cold tap beer, the belly  up to the bar.

Today is Geronimo’s last day.  He has been a cook at the cafe for a bit over a year.  He is returning to Washington State where he will be taking a job at one of the major casinos.  We wish him well.  Though he is still connected at Facebook.

The cafe is now in need of a cook.  Contact Leon for the details, he is there today, 619-468-3416.  The hours are good, the menu simple.  Most days during the week business goes in fits and starts.  Lunch time tends to pick up and then back to dinner hour, usually after 3 or 4.

T-shirts are still available with the cafe logo or Harley Davidson logo.  There are a few other  styles available as well.  Yellow, blue, red,  black, a tied dyed look, and white.   Like Elvis, there is one dedicated to him hanging at the front door, cannot miss it.

Don’t forget to check the Calendar for upcoming events and to check availability to reserve a spot for your event.

When reserving your space let us know how many you expect, any special needs, and the time/date of your event.  You can use our contact form or call the cafe directly at 619-468-3416.

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