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Imperial Gateway Passage

Imperial Valley Gateway history of a road

Beginning with the pioneer days there were no roads to speak of coming into California. Stage coaches made their way over treacherous paths through the Imperial Valley and the Rocky Mountains into the valley of Southern California.

This picture is of an article published regarding the history of the roads coming into Southern California. Through Imperial Valley to the coast of California.

Over the years the highways have been repaved, moved, and in the case of Interstate 8 replaced. Old Highway 8 still exists, running through the heart of a few of the small towns that still exist.

Pre-automobile the use of mule and horse drawn carts is how many of the historic sites today were created. Supplies and crew were conveyed along those rough roads.

There is a rich history surrounding the roadways and railways. One such article is San Diego’s “Impossible Railroad” by Richard V. Dodge and found at the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum site.

As I sort out the story provided by another resident, the stories provided by her husband, those will posted here. It is his account of his family moving from the East Coast to the West Coast. The ranch is smaller today, but the house still stands, she still raises chickens. She is at the Cafe most days with her sister enjoying lunch.

Barrett Lake Dam, Dulzura CA

The Barrett Dam was built in wood originally, finally rebuilt in concrete and still stands today. Supplies and crews were conveyed by mule drawn carts.

Fire crews have used the Barrett Junction Cafe as a staging point when fighting the Harris fires. Life-flight still uses the field to the East of the cafe when needed.

Harris Fire Crews setting up shop

Old Highway 94 has shifted over the years, many of the harsh curves and narrow paths have been removed, yet you can still see them as you come down into the Barret Junction Valley.

Come out for lunch or dinner during the week. If you like breakfast we can certainly serve you. Weekends we have our all you can eat breakfast buffet.  Large parties of 10 or more, please contact us to reserve your seats.

Take a tour around the cafe and look at a picture viewing of San Diego County. We look forward to serving you.

Barrett Cowboys

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