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What are your Plans for Memorial Day Weekend?

What are your plans for Memorial Day? The weekend?

Here is a bit of history information concerning Memorial Day USA. The website dedicated to this holiday is Memorial Day and offers history, resources and observation information.

A bit about the name, the original title for this day of memory was Decoration Day. The intent of the day is to honor those who have fallen in service to the United States. There are disputes as to which city is the birthplace of this holiday.

General James Garfield made the first speech at Arlington National Cemetery. At that time there were over 20,000 buried there from the Union and Confederation armies.

The red poppy is the traditional flower worn on Memorial Day. This tradition was began by Moina Michael after she wrote her own poem commemorating Memorial Day.

In December 2000 the National Monument of Remembrance resolution was passed.

The website History offers more information with a shopping page to purchase your memorabilia.

Another source of information is Wikipedia, this is a condensed version of the other sites and a few other resources regarding Memorial Day History.

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The drive out to the cafe is beautiful and peaceful. Just remember if you smoke keep the butts in the ashtray. Because of the drought the grass is flammable.

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