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Mt Cuchama The Holy Mountain

Mt Cuchama

Cuchama was reportedly an island once, a spot that Evans-Wentz says sheltered local Indians during a great flooding.
Image by Jim Coit

The Man Who Bought Cuchama Walter Evans-Wentz and the Holy Mountain. Published June 26, 1980, by Ken Winkler at San Diego Reader. This article offers a look at the history of Mt. Cuchama overlooking the Barrett Junction/Dulzura valley, and Mexico, on Southern California’s Highway 94.

This is a short story regarding the man Walter Evans-Wentz who spent part of his time living at the base of Cuchama, also known as Tecate Peak. This small mountain is sacred to the Indians of this area. Here is a short excerpt:

“In his will, Evans-Wentz stated, “I desire this holy mountain in the southwest United States be made a public property in honor of the redmen to whom it was a temple.” As a result, the land was divided between the San Diego County Council of Boy Scouts (who now have a “Camp Coochama” there), the San Diego YMCA, and the state, the lion’s share going to the state. One clause prohibited any sale, alienation, or commercialization of any part. ”

Take a longer read of the article here, share your insights. If you have visited Mt Cuchama, Tecate Peak, share your pictures and stories. It is a hard hike.

The picture below is a view of the Peak from the Cafe.

Mt Cuchama View from the Cafe

If you would like to share your stories of hiking this mountain, please contact us here. Use the Subject line: Mt Cuchama Stories. I will get back to you for more information and permission to share your stories here.

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