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Mount Kuuchamaa

In the Shadow of Mount Kuuchamaa and Tecate Peak.

What a powerful combination. We do enjoy a beautiful view, especially if we take the trek to the higher points surrounding this valley, Barrett Junction.

View from Mt Kuuchamaa a sacred mountainA portion of the Barrett Junction Valley, Tecate Peak is in the way of the view of the cafe.

Or as seen from Highway 94, the top of Murphy’s Curve

Barrett Junction Valley

In my research for Leon, I came across a couple of versions regarding the history of Mount Kuuchamaa. I have seen this spelled a couple of ways, Cachuma and Kuuchamaa, each with a different story attached.  We will take a brief look at both of these stories.

The first is published in Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology, 7(1) by author Shipek, Florence C. Kuuchamaa: The Kumeyaay Sacred Mountain  The discussion regards the sacred traditions of the Kumeyaay and the sacredness of Kuuchamaa.  Before the passage of both the National Environmental Policy Act and the American Indian Religious Freedom Act it was difficult if not impossible to protect such sites as Kuuchamaa.

The Kumeyaay belief holds the Creator God Spirit, Maayhaay placed the mountain to be a sacred place. This is a part of the Creation Story for the Kumeyaay. Kuuchamaa created as a man lived on the South side of the mountain and was a shaman, kuseyaay, teaching man and bringing all shamans together. (p69)

The second story is found at Salt for My Soul and the spelling is Mount Cuchama, placing it at the same location as Mount Tecate. This tells of a different story and the author quotes from a book written about Cuchama.  Cuchama and Sacred Mountains

When I do a search for Cuchama it shows this in the Los Angeles or San Bernadino area, not Mexico/California border. Since I have not read the book, I am not clear on where the author, Walter Y. Evans-Wentz uncovered his information. My research through the Kumeyaay sites, shows this mountain as named Kuuchamaa and is the birth of man, a creation story.

The mountain Kuuchamaa looks over the valley in Mexico and California. Turn to the South and you will see Tecate and other small areas of population. Turn to the North and you look out over the Barrett Junction Valley and into Portrero or Dulzura. Either way, it is a fantastic view.

Mt Kuuchamaa Sacred Mountain of the Kumeyaay

Which story?  Do you have further information? Please share with us.

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