Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile

Neighbors, friends, family and patrons

We have had the pleasure of sharing memories with so many families these past few months.  It is great to hear so many terrific stories of family gatherings.

If you don’t mind sharing your story publicly, send me a brief couple of paragraphs, will share it here.  It can be anonymous, then you have the choice of letting others know or not.

I am only one writer.  Which means I am limited on information.  I will share my story.

My paternal grandparents have visited here at least a few times over their years.  Celebrated my grandfather’s birthday here at least once.  As a child I have few memories, so cannot say if I was a part of those visits ever.  🙂

I began working on the Cafe’s website and social media a few years back.  Have played at waitressing, I say played because I am not that serious, as those who have met me know.  I live to laugh.  Does not interfere with my ability to serve.

Few families who have settled this valley remain.  For those who are still here, it is great to see you when you come out.  For those who return to visit, thank you.

The Cafe has a long history and shared a meal with many families, clubs, and individuals, both local and tourists.  Our map in the cafe has push pins for those who have visited from around the world.  So you can honestly say we are world famous.

Harris fires 2007

During the Harris Fires of 2007, the fire fighters used the Cafe for the meals, the area across the street for camping and equipment.  The Cafe had supplies for all who were affected.  This is a safe place to be.

Barrett Junction Cafe & 76 Gas Station

Before SR-94 or also known as Campo Rd went through its path adjustment, making it wider, the pumps sat out front.  Each section of the Cafe has been altered, adjusted, and changed over the years.

I am in search of older menus, if someone has a copy, send me a pic and a story of how you got a copy.  Mean time I am going to bug Leon about going through his old files for any of the older menus.

Please, use the contact page to share your story.  Or reach out to me on FB and share your history with the cafe, any pics you wish to share.  If you wish to have me post on here, then send to leon at  (replace the word at with the symbol @)  I do that by the way so spam bots cannot hijack the email address.

Please share your comments, this website and our social media links.  It is how we grow.

See you again for another great story.  Or if you come into the cafe, let’s share a meal.  Our menu is on line.