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November Updates

The latest November Updates in the back country.

Updates for our path to the back country include but not limited to the following:

Highway 94 improvements continue. This past few weeks the highway has received a face lift. Cement lines the side of the highway, leveling it out and aiding in weed abatement. The sides were a bit tricky, if a car drove too close to the edge, tires would catch the edge. The weeds were another problem, encroaching on the road.

The Jamul Hollywood Casino continues.  The road improvements have slowed.  The widening of the road does not seem so important lately.  The fears of traffic issues seems to be nominal if they exist at all.  The biggest wait time in the commute seems more to do with the new traffic light than a long line to get into the casino.

The other news is the plans for the new Border Patrol Station.  120 acres located behind the fire station belongs to the Border Patrol.  The plans were to have it completed in 18 months.  More research needs to be done because the information is conflicting.  Will it be built?  When?  Will the border check point shift or will it remain in place?  Meetings continue.

Meanwhile at the Café

Weekdays have slowed.  School is back in session.  Students are dropped off and picked up at the café.  Snacks are on hand, Helados Mexico fruit bars, Oreo Brownies, and Salt Water Taffy are all favorites.

Healdos Mexico Fruit Bars

Our specials are Tuesday and Thursday 3 to 6, the dollar fish tacos and 10 oz draft beer.  We call it the Biker Special, but it is for everyone who makes it out here.

Fish Taco Special at Barrett Junction Cafe

We have a new waitress, Misty.  She is here weekends, Saturday and Sunday.  Come on out and say hi.  Tammy was offered a great job in Northern California.  Congratulations Tammy, we wish you well on your journey.

We have new winter hours.  I am still searching for a good Google Map or other Map plug in that will allow you to find your way interactively.  If you know of one please drop me a note.  I will be interested in checking it out.

I am in search of more historic information for the Barrett Junction/Dulzura area.  If you have any, please send them to me direct to
my email.

Wishing all a wonderful Thanksgiving. School is out for some, others will get the four day weekend. Enjoy and be warm. Don’t forget to check out our Events Calendar for the latest updates.Events Calendar

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