Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile


Living in the back country of San Diego County, Highway 94/Campo Rd, we encounter a few challenges. Power outages, heavy rains that can flood the roadway, create unsafe driving conditions.

Due to these conditions there are times it is best we close for the day. We ask that you always call ahead during these times to ensure you do not make a wasted drive. 619-468-3416, during business hours, which are posted on our Directions page.

We appreciate our customers and continue to provide the best possible service. Including keeping on top of the road conditions, weather, and other possible issues.

The Days Before Paved Roads. 1900’s travel

Can you imagine traveling the SR-94 during the early 1900’s and before? All dirt roads with heavy rains. Treacherous on the stormy days. Grateful for pavement, but even that gets to be scary in some places.

Check in…

Please drive the roads safely, the back roads are tricky when wet. Low clouds can create a hazard for vision.

We look forward to serving you.

1900s style vehicle.  Driving Highway 94 before it was paved.
Join us.