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San Diego Back Country

The Back Country Begins

Where do you consider the beginning of the San Diego Back Country?  You have two passages to consider, both join at the Jacumba area.  Where else can you go to enjoy the mountains and the valleys?  Lakes and desert?  All within a couple of hours drive time.  Southern California is San Diego County.  Choose to begin on SR94 or the old Highway 80, not the interstate, to enjoy the smell of country air and wildlife.  The view is spectacular.

Mapping your Trip

Explore the Back Country of San Diego County

As you can see from the map there are plenty of areas to hang out, drive through, maybe even camp out for a few days.  Vacation time in the country is a terrific way to detox, regenerate, and get grounded.  No city noises, no computer sounds, nothing but the wildlife and wind to keep you company, if you decide to camp a bit from the highways.  When the lights are off, complete darkness, surrounds you like a warm blanket, unless there is a chill, then of course not so warm.  You get a clear view of the sky, stars and constellations, even the satellites as they move through our skies.

The circuit if you are to drive without stopping is approximately a four hour journey.  However, the idea is to enjoy the time out.  A suggestion is to plan a day, stop for coffee or breakfast and move on through to lunch, then dinner before heading home.  There are a few great places to stop in and enjoy a meal.

To Consider

California is not the only state in a drought situation.  However, because we live here it is the one we are most concerned with.  The back country relies on well, not imported water systems.  In May KPBS ran this article about residents in the back country drilling deeper wells.  Our wells rely on the streams and lakes that lie without our valleys.  There are those who do not yet believe there is a water shortage.  Personally, why take any chances?

The Go San Diego Back Country site offers brief descriptions of areas that are or may be of interest to you regarding our tour of the back country.   Places like Boulevard, where you will find a large RV and campground that over the past few years has seen a revamping and upgrades.

The San Diego History site offers a book on the history of the San Diego back country, with information about the first settlers and their journeys here.  Before there were paved roads, the dirt ones were treacherous.  Can you imagine traveling the border of Mexico with Indians, banditos, and wild life in abundance?  Those who settled here had many hardships to overcome.

And in Conclusion

When you are touring the back roads, remember to drive and ride safe.  There are smaller roads and driveways that enter the old roads, always look for those entering and exiting the highway.  You never know what lies on the other side.  We have experienced life flight here at the Barrett Junction Cafe too many times in the last year.  Some of those curves became the final resting place of many drivers and riders.  Do not over estimate your ability on these curves, please.

We look forward to your visit here at the cafe.  Visit our Menu to find the tastiest of meals, recipes passed on through the “generations” of owners of the Cafe.  Everyone’s favorite hush puppies, made with real corn.  For further information and our hours, visit our Directions Page. 

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