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Spring is Official

Spring is here.  Is it true that “April Showers bring May flowers?”  We have been a bit shy this year of rain.  The recent forecast shows some light mists and a bit of wet coming up here in the South.   Do you watch the weather channel?

If you drive Highway 94 be safe on those corners, more than one motorcyclist has met his doom on those corners.

Spring Drive time to Barrett Junction Cafe

Google Map Snippet for Southern California

Google Maps, from all points, you can make it to the Cafe.

Highway 94 is a beautiful country drive, Spring time the fields are green.  Fields, cattle, a breath of fresh air as you reach us, moving above sea level.  Caution should always be taken driving the country roads.  Keep your cigarettes inside the vehicle, please do not throw them out the window.  The slightest spark can cause a wild fire.  We who live here appreciate your consideration.

Barrett Junction Cafe will celebrate Spring.  We serve our all you can eat meals 6 days a week.  We are closed on Mondays, except when a major holiday falls on Monday.  Call ahead to ensure you do not get here and we are closed.

◊ NOTICE: We are in search of a fry cook for Saturday and Sundays, special events.  Wages plus tips.  Please schedule a visit with Bill on the weekends.  619-438-3416, call during Business Hours to ensure you can get a time scheduled ahead.  

On another note, we have room for large parties.  Watch for the menu updates, coming soon. 

Request for your stories about family and other gatherings here at the Cafe.  I am happy to keep you anonymous.  You can reach out here and send a brief note about a time you remember sharing a meal with family and friends.  Permission to publish here on the blog and to share through the social media profiles, again, your names may remain anonymous.  

There are several items for sale at the Cafe.  The ads are on Craigslist and Recycler for now.  For instance,  Leon has a water tank on his vacant land, which is also for sale.  Other items include the Budweiser memorabilia set up around the store, the mirrored signage, lights and decor.

Please share this post, the links, and your stories.  We appreciate your visits, stories, and sharing your meals with us.

Questions?  Comments?  Please Contact Us.

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