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Summer Heat Wave

Barrett Junction Valley

Another year and here we are

Summer heat wave, designated cool zones, and fire warnings are all a part of our daily life in Southern California.

Previous posts share about the hazards and joys of living in San Diego County’s Back Country.  Whether you live off Interstate 8 or Highway 94 (SR-94 or Campo Road) it is a beautiful drive home and to work.  At least if you take the time to notice.  Commute to work can be exasperating, focused on what lies ahead.

It may seem devastating to drive by burn outs.  However, consider how resilient Mother Nature truly is.  Recovery takes a bit of time, however, soon enough the burn out will be green and lush, then as summer enters brown and beautiful.

Touring the back country on a Saturday or a Sunday is a family event that can become a tradition.  The country drive for those who live in the city may be a wonderful break from smog, stress of traffic, and rushing to get “things” done.

There are several places to stop and eat, lakes and parks to walk, and general snack stops.  Museums, history, and much more to enjoy.  Join a Tour group or just take the time with the family and drive yourself.

When you come through the Barrett Junction Valley stop by and have a cold drink and a meal with us.  We are closed on Mondays.  Open at 11 a.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. weekends.  We are a designated Cool Zone during the heat waves.  Directions and hours can be found here.

Warnings: Summer Heat Wave

When touring the back country, remember:

  • If you smoke to use your ash tray.
  • Do not drive across dry grass.
  • Do not set up campfires unless they are in the designated areas and supervised.
  • What you bring take with you.
  • Consider before you hike.
    • Take plenty of water.
    • Watch for rattlesnakes.
    • Look before you step or reach
    • Keep your dogs leashed, please
    • Check cell phone availability
    • Tell someone where you are going. Map a route and stick to it.
  • If you have to ask, you should not do it. Just a thought.

Summer months are hot, dry and fires are easy to start.  The Summer heat wave is a normal part of life with temperatures ranging from the high 80s to the 100s depending on the area you visit.  You will find places to cool off along the way.

Map of Highway 94 Back Country

Explore Highway 94


Were you aware Highway 94 use to be a lot more rugged that it is now?  That the stage coaches came through here, stopping along the way?  Buffalo Soldiers are said to have bivouacked along the path of Highway 94.  Battles and skirmishes were fought along the border before there was a border?

We have a rich history, few left to tell the stories and a few authors who have shared their versions of life in books.  Books are at the Cafe regarding the History of Highway 94, Potrero, Campo, and other areas along the highway.

During the Summer heat wave we are available for hanging out, creating your history, and watching the traffic on the highway pass by.  Our front porch is ideal, the wind blows past, keeping the air cooler.


People do return, many have not been here since childhood.  When they do come to the Cafe, we get to hear about family gatherings and the fun over the Fish Fry.  Birthdays, anniversaries, and club gatherings are shared.  We enjoy being a part of your family history.

Share your stories, we love to hear them.  Find us on social media.  Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn,  Pinterest, and Twitter.  Connect and share.

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