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Taking a Trip, Not Taking a Trip

Just a ramble on down the road of thought today.  Taking a trip, not taking a trip.

I can remember growing up taking the back roads of Highway 8 and 94 to visit great & grand parents in Jucumba.  We had a blast, running around, scaring each other on those hair turn curves with the narrow roads, barely wide enough to fit two cars.

Now I live out here, listening to the traffic until the late nights as it pass by on the way home.  In the wee hours of the morning, the traffic begins its commute into to town once again for another day of work.

At 1500 feet above sea level we are nearly free of smog and fleas.  Important.  Even allergies were alleviated when I moved out here.  It took a bit for the body to adjust, but yeah.  Flare ups are worse when I have to come into town.  Interesting considering the amount of pollen in the air out here.

The cafe is a great place to hang out.  A front and side porch, watch the people as they whiz by.  Seems everyone is in a hurry these days.  Rush to get there, rush to get through the hours, then rush to leave.  Why?  Habit born of belief?

Each moment is a stop in time.  Hanging there, waiting to be noticed.  Rushing through meals is not healthy, yet people do it.  Cannot wait to get to the next moment.

Food at Barrett Junction Cafe is an experience.  Cooked when ordered.  Bought in bulk to be sure.  All the recipes are original, a few additions over the years.  The barbecue is made here, fresh.  Time is a moment when food is prepared.

Our days pass by, we think and remark, “Where did the time go?”  Family visits have vanished for many, now only in spirit.  Memories linger.  Gratefully.

I enjoy that drive three or four times a week.  Especially the trip home.  The country is beautiful, air fresh with the smell of nature and no allergy attacks.

Will you join us on your trips?  Stop for a meal, visit and listen to the tales of days gone by.  The history is there for the telling, enjoyment in listening to days past when pioneers built what is here now.  The ghosts hang out waiting to be heard.  Will you listen?

We look forward to your visit.  Check out or menu here and our contact info here.

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