Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile

TGIF, What are your plans for the weekend?


First the updates:

Barrett Junction Cafe is closed on Monday’s.  To view hours and directions, click here.

The patio is open for business.  Reserve your space for parties of 13 or more.  When you bring 13 or more guests, ask about your discount at check out.

The weather is lovely, the breeze is perfect, a great weekend ahead.  Take a cruise out old Highway 94, on the way stop in for breakfast Saturday & Sunday beginning at 8 a.m.  One other view would be to check out all the parts of the Highway that have changed.  There are places along the highway that are nearly covered by dirt, but if you look you can see where 94 use to wind around.

As a child I remember riding in the back seat, looking out over the cliffs and holding my breath as another car came around the curve, sometimes very fast.  The road was not that wide, so caution was of great importance when driving the highway.  It still is. This last month Life Flight has visited the field next to the cafe to take a motorcyclist off to the closest hospital.  Taking the corners at top speeds is insane, they over estimated their skill.  Never think it cannot happen to you, because you just don’t know.  BE safe.

The Highway 94 club has some great reading about the history of the back country of San Diego County, along the highway.  From homesteading to the history of the highway and its many improvements.  The books at the cafe are for sale if you would like to pick up a copy and take a read.

As always be safe, enjoy the weather and the ride out Highway 94. See you for breakfast.


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