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The Art of Barbecue

Weekend Tradition: Barbecue

Every weekend Leon barbecues pork ribs.  This is a tradition from the beginning of this cafe.  The smoker is situated in the back patio area.  With wood for fuel, the large racks of ribs and pork roasts enter, when they come out they are smoked through and through.  You can smell the smoking as it travels with the breeze, causing a stir of hunger pangs deep within.  The barbecue is a recipe handed down from one owner to the next.

Pork Roasts on Smoker prep for barbecue

The pork roasts are brought in and pulled apart into strips of bite size morsels.  The barbecue sauce is mixed in well, the roast warmed and ready to be eaten on a bread of your choice.  Served as a pulled pork taco with homemade salsa, beans and rice.  Add onion rings so sweet and juicy to your order and eat to please the pallet and stomach.

Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwich

The pulled pork is a newer addition to the menu, only a few years old now.  But it has become one of the favorite meals served at the Cafe.  Along with the fish fry ( as it is known), the all you can eat Alaskan cod or pollock fish dinners.

World Famous Fish Fry

All you can eat fish dinner

The fish fry is served with homemade hush puppies, that are dipped in honey or maple syrup after you slather them with rich butter.  Your side dishes are rice pilaf, house beans, hot carrots, salad w/house dressing, all served fresh and hot.   Soup choices are usually chicken or vegetable.  Cooks choice from day to day, or week to week.


The one food item the cafe is most known for is the fish fry.  It use to be served only on Fridays, now it is served daily.  The cod is moist and thick, while the pollock is a thinner fish and a bit on the drier side.  Both are delicious.  One neglected item on the menu is our chicken breast salad and sandwich.  We offer barbecued chicken on our dinner menu.

With nutritional values of importance, it is important to note that many of our meals offer a balance of protein and other vitamin sources.  We do not serve fast food, it is cooked when you order it.  Our sauces, side dishes, salads, are all made here at the cafe, not purchased ready to serve.

Our weekdays are a bit slower than the weekends, so if you wish to eat in a quieter environment that would be the time to come out.  On the weekends we serve in the Quonset hut, during the week in the front cafe.  Unless we have a large group, then we will utilize the Quonset hut.

If you plan on bringing more than a dozen out for a meal, call ahead so we can be prepared, at least three to four days ahead.  We want to ensure we have enough barbecue ribs and pulled pork to feed your group.  Always sad when we run out of something and cannot serve it.


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