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Highway 94 use to be a stage coach route, home to a regular coach between Campo and Dulzura with Barrett Junction a stop off. The Highway 94 Club site features a few interviews from people who actually rode the stage coach from the Back Country to San Diego. You can read those here.

Pioneering in Dulzura
A recounting of the families who settled here in the Back Country of San Diego.

This book, Pioneering in Dulzura, by Dorothy Clark Schmed, is one of many accounts of the history of the families who settled here and the life they lived. Many of the families have gone on to other parts of the county, few of the original families remain. You can find a copy of this book at the San Diego County Library.

An excerpt from the book recounts one family and the Native Americans that resided in Jamul. From page 5 and the chapter Earlier Tenants.

Before the Indians were located at the reservations, a small tribe lived at Jamul centering around the home of Mrs. Kent, an Indian woman who had married an American. She was the “queen” among them and her relatives were very proud of her. The Kent cabin and barn were between the present site of the Indian burial ground and the highway. It was the scene of many fiestas before fire destroyed the old landmark.

There were no permanent Indian homes in Dulzura • Certam of them came to work clearing land, chopping wood or whatever they could do. Felipe Jamon was paid $7. 00 per acre for clearing land, $1. 50 per cord for cutting sycamore wood and $1. 25 per cord for oak. Day work was $. 50. He would bring his son, Alejandro, and the women when cutting wood.

When you come to the Cafe ask about the folder we have with various pictures of the families and homes that are a part of the history of Highway 94. The pictures above are a few of them.

Donald Scheckler provided a manuscript sharing the path to the San Diego County.

Following is an excerpt from the book that Donald Scheckler wrote recounting his family’s settling here in Jamul, Dulzura area. The following chapter is about Xavier Hernandez, a cowboy who worked for him.

In 1877 Ben had a Mexican Cowboy working for him that went by the name of Xavier Hernandez. Now Ben could be considered bilingual, in as much as he spoke German as well as English. By the time that the year 1877 had rolled around, Ben was a little too old to take up a new language. Spanish just wasn’t his cup of tea. It is very likely that he could have done a little bit better along the line of learning Spanish if he hadn’t of had a nine year old boy who spoke the language like a native. any time a problem came up he could always call on Claude.

This book has not been published as yet, but with Caroline Scheckler’s permission chapters are published here.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpts of the books that recount some of the San Diego History along Highway 94.

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From the Stage Coach Days
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From the Stage Coach Days
A brief on the history of Highway 94 and a few of the events that have stood out in history.