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The Legend of the Bell

Legend of the Bell

While reorganizing the Cafe office I found a stack of cards labeled “Legend of the Bell.”

The cards have a short story of it, if you want a copy when you stop it we will make them available.

It begins as the story unfolds that the roads are populated by Evil Road Spirits, gremlins that live on your bike. They are the problem with your bike when you experience technical and mechanical difficulties that appear mysteriously.

The bell many bikers hang from their front forks are there to keep the gremlins from hanging out on your bike. They have a low sound tolerance and can become trapped in the hollow of the bell.

I did some research on line, found a great version of this legend at The Biker Nation.

We have many bikers come through here, Highway 94 offers a great road to ride. Though many of the curves can serve to be treacherous. We always ask to ride safe.