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Updates for the drive to Barrett Junction

Here is the latest updates for our part of the San Diego County Back Country:

The SDG&E project continues. With the addition of the Jamul Hollywood Casino changes were necessary to the sewage and water lines, now the electric. Although the construction is underground. First they repaved and fixed the road leading through Rancho San Diego into Dulzura. Now they dig it up, not once, but twice since the construction of the casino to make more improvements.

The point is add about 20 to 30 minutes wait time to your trip coming out and going home. Sad truth is the construction is not nearly finished and you do have at least three points to traverse. For those of us who commute into town in the mornings, it means leaving an extra half hour early to be on time. Unless you catch it just right, then the pass through is quick.

On another note, the weather is much improved today, nice and warm, great day to take an evening drive and stop in for dinner. Or if you are of a mind to, extend your lunch and come out for the fish fry as it is known. Choose the Alaskan cod or Pollock all you can eat Fish Dinner. You will get a nice helping of our delicious hush puppies.

We are seeking a new tenant for the small cottage. It is a small one bedroom, living room dining room and a roomy bathroom. Refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer are a part of the package. Call after 11 a.m. during the week to speak with Leon. Or ask for a tour when you stop out for lunch or dinner.

Don’t forget you can join the Highway 94 club and come out for a delicious meal the Third Thursday of every month. You can order your own dinner and not be a part of the club, just come out to socialize.

More biker accidents in the last month. I would like to remind you that the road shows no mercy and you should never over-estimate your vehicle while traveling Highway 94. You never know what awaits around the corner. There are a few corners that are blind until you get there. And far too many times those who are impatient will pass three or four cars in one shot without knowing what lies ahead. Please enjoy the drive, but remain safe.

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