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Vintage, Antiques, and Collectibles

Living in the past.  Funny when you think about it, today may not be the best yet in 50 years or more we will revisit it.  Considering it’s wonders of a new age, the value of it’s collectibles, and the horrors it holds.

Vintage as defined by as a noun, used to describe wine, or a class of an object with the year listed.  As an adjective, old fashioned, obsolete, and used in relation to the good of the past, example used is: They praised the play as vintage O’Neill.  As a verb it is used in relation to wine gathering.

Investopedia defines collectible as “An item that is worth far more than it appears because of its rarity and/or demand. “

Finally we come to antique.  When does an item become an antique?  Mirriam-Webster defines antique as “belonging to an earlier period, style, or fashion : old and often valuable.”

And we go to Antique’s Roadshow for further clarification regarding antiques.   The Roadshow’s glossary offers insight into classifications of antiques by one of it’s own, Michael Flanigan.  The short of the long story is this, an item becomes an antique when it reaches its 100th birthday.  To read more visit Antique Roadshow’s glossary.

Antique Dentist Chair

Few items at the cafe make the category of antique, but this one made it with more than a 100 year birthday.  This 1895 dentist chair, looks more like a torture chair, but it is complete with the head pads.  The head pads could use an update, since they are worn, but the patina in this chair provides it’s character.

I have found a replica of this chair that is priced at well over a grand ($1,350 at They attempted to duplicate the patina.  Now you could pay $1,350 or $300.  We won’t ship, because this is a cast iron chair.  Not sure who would want to ship it or how much.  If possible, come out to the cafe and pick it up.  You will need help.

The cafe is now closed on Mondays.  Except when a holiday falls on Monday.  Call ahead to reserve your table of 13 or more.  We want to make sure we have plenty of fish and barbecue.

Enjoy the drive out Highway 94.

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