Barrett Junction Cafe & Mercantile

Winter is Here

Winter is upon us. School is in session, at least for today. The holidays are here. It is that time of year once again.

Jamul Hollywood Casino is open for business. Surprising all the issues with traffic have not been an issue. There is ample parking and the only hold to commute through the pass of the casino is the new stop light.

The biggest threat to traffic remains are accidents. For those who think they can beat the odds, passing on blind corners, or traveling a the speed of light around same corners, STOP it. You cannot defeat the odds. Sooner or later you too will be a statistic. Be safe, take your time and stop being in such a rush to get no where. It scares me silly when I am coming out of Murphy’s curve heading into the valley only to have someone who is in such a rush pass a dozen cars and barely make it over into the lane before oncoming cars make it to the same point in the road. Recently someone was not so lucky, passing on a blind curve, ran head on into another vehicle. Both were sent to the hospital and their vehicles removed on flat beds.

The Café is open for lunch, brunch and dinner at 11 a.m. during the week, breakfast at 8 a.m. on the weekends. We watch the traffic as it zooms by us. A few accidents have occurred, most recently right in front of the Café. Gratefully no one was hurt. We offer what assist we can.

With Christmas just a few weeks away, this is a REMINDER: We are closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So no breakfast buffet that weekend. Back the following Tuesday. We wish you all a safe and wonderful Holiday. No matter which one you celebrate.

In the mean time, there is plenty to shop at the Cafe for that special person. Jewelry, decorations, vinyl albums and 45 records, collector plates, and lots more. The gallery has a few pics to browse, more to be added.

Short today, time to work in the Café now. See you for lunch? Fish sandwich, barbecue ribs? How about our Fish n Chips. All freshly made when you order.

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