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Winter is Official, No Reason to stay away

Even in the winter weather a drive in the country is great. Not perfect unless your car heater and windshield wipers are working. I live in the back country, work from home, on occasion you can find me in the Café assisting Leon with waitressing. I do see clients in town a few days a week. Each morning I do not want to take the drive, it seems so far to go. Yet, it is a terrific drive. No, not much of a morning person. Each evening coming home, I am reminded of why I love living in the back country. It is not for everyone.

Barrett Junction Valley View of Tecate Peak

Each day is an adventure. There are those who forget that they cannot overestimate their skill as a driver, many accidents, and regretfully fatalities have occurred through the years on Highway 94. Some published a batch of bumper stickers, you may see them occasionally, they read: Pray for me I drive Highway 94. Or I survived driving Highway 94. When the sirens sound it is a guess as to whether it is a fire vehicle or ambulance. The empty field next to the Café has seen it’s share of Life Flight landings.

The Café shares a history with many families, those who are local and those who are not. There are many homesteading families left who can remember the days of rodeos and dances in the Barrett Junction fields. Now we see motorcycle, bicycle, car, and other clubs share their days, celebrating, gathering, and laughing.

san diego hot rod club

Our menu has changed some over the years. Additions, deletions, replacements. For instance the rice pilaf has changed, it use to be delivered in a large can pre-made, that company went out of business. Memories are a bit off, there are those who swear the Café use to sell catfish. That is not the case. Although there was a time when fish from the lake was suppose to be served, back in the early days. The fish fry was free then also. The San Diego County Health Department said NO. So the fish is purchased, Alaskan Cod and Pollock.

Fish n Chips

The barbecue ribs and pulled pork are made fresh every Saturday. The process is started early morning and can take up to four hours. The pork roasts are smoked to the tender, falling apart consistency maintaining the perfect moisture.

Pork Roasts on Smoker

It is easy to find us. Our hours of operation are found on this page.

If a special Holiday falls on a Monday, the Café will be open usual business hours. Contact us to schedule your event, to verify hours, or just to say hi. We look forward to serving you soon.

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